I’ve been working with some families lately, helping them with their genealogical research. I love to help them explore the historical context of their ancestor’s lives and the question usually comes up about how to share their trees with other family members.

I’ve worked with a few different methods to share. One client wrote out the history of each branch and we created a beautiful video where she read the history which was interwoven with lots of photos and elements that showed the descendants of each branch.

I’ve also done several genealogy book. Some have trees in them which can be difficult if yours is particularly large. But there are ways to display each branch in a section and then focus in on each node. Adding photos, stories and other things to describe each ancestor provides a lot of interesting information.

And of course an actual tree in the form of a poster is another option for you. There are some really creative artists that can custom paint a tree for you and I’ve seen some amazing examples on Pinterest!

Here’s an article by Family Tree Magazine that explores a lot of online printing options. Whatever option you choose, make sure your research is at a point where you feel comfortable putting it down in print. You won’t have the option of adding on to it once it’s printed.


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